SLS believes in whole-body health.

We believe in lifestyle changes that you can easily sustain.

We are not a fan of fad diets or quick fixes, and our Metabolic Effect Nutrition Program has proven to be successful time and time again. 

We offer one-on-one nutrition or 4-week Fat Loss programs. On your own, or in a group setting, you will learn the difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss.

Weight loss and fat loss are very different.  

The Metabolic Effect Nutrition Program is designed to teach the principles of hormonal nutrition for fat loss. Fat loss is more than a simple mathematics equation of calories in and calories out.  Food is information to the body.  Every time you eat you have the opportunity to burn fat or store fat. This program focuses on the unique hormonal effects of food.  Eating more of the right foods more often works with the body’s natural physiology and helps control hunger, raise energy and reduce cravings. By working with the body rather then against it, clients automatically eat less without relying on willpower.  This style of nutrition is called preemptive eating and is based on each individual’s response to food.  You will learn:

·  How nutrition, sleep, rest and exercise all contribute to anti-aging and fat burning potential.

·  How our cleansing nutrition plan can help with fat loss as well as general good health.

·  The difference between hormonal and caloric nutrition

·  The difference between a healthy diet and a fat loss diet

·  Why your own fat is important fuel for your body.

·  Pre- and post-workout nutrition for performance, muscle gain and fat loss

·  And much more…


Personal training at SLS Fitness is awesome! If you are trying to put the pieces back together (post-surgery) or just trying to reboot your work-out, one on one sessions will definitely help you achieve your best result. I have been working with Susan Kirby for two years. She is encouraging, precise and patient! She is able to not only improve your strength & conditioning, but she is very helpful with mindfulness exercises and suggestions on healthy food choices. Her degrees as a reiki master is an added bonus!! Treat Yourself!!
- Kim Pickul