SLS Personal Training


Our personal training model is designed specific for your mind and body needs with coaches to fit your personality and schedule.

Our staff of qualified strength and conditioning coaches will discuss your goals and needs  and formulate the programming to achieve them.

We offer personalized and professional training to get you on track, hold you accountable and assist you in developing a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Training Packages:

  • 30 - 60 minute appointments available

  • 4-13 Sessions per month

I walked into SLS with no prior gym experience other than running on the treadmill and biking. I had always been an athlete growing up, but once college hit, I really wasn't moving around as much as I should have been. I never once visited the weight room or even picked up a weight for that matter. I never had a gym routine or structure to my workouts...until now. This summer I was able to train with Alessio and he pushed me to get stronger. At the time, I was coming off of a knee injury so he focused the workouts on strengthening my weaker muscles. I would come home completely exhausted, yet satisfied. Working out has always made me feel better. However, when you are able to workout with your own body rather than using machines, it makes you feel powerful. I think this is something SLS does incredibly well. Your body is your own machine. SLS taught me how to use my body in order to strengthen myself, build my confidence, and allow me to enjoy my workouts. Returning to school, I have continued with my workout routine and plan on returning to SLS next summer to work with Alessio again.
- Abby St. Jean