Suzanne Yeghiayan

Yoga Instructor

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Suzanne joined SLS Fitness in January, 2010 with the goal of increasing her strength with weights. She started taking some of the many different classes offered, including yoga. Suzanne loved the way yoga made her feel and began to consistently practice about 7 years ago. Her fitness goals changed such that she was taking weight classes to get stronger for yoga, and learning challenging body positions including arm balances and shoulder stands.

A few years back, she worked with SLS Fitness to bring yoga instructors to her employer in Westford. This was a success for a year plus until the instructors were no longer available. At this point Suzanne decided to become an instructor herself since she'd created a following at her workplace.

She started her yoga teacher training journey by taking a two-day YogaFit Level 1 class. This allowed her to start teaching at her workplace in September 2017. After deciding that she wanted to pursue more training, Suzanne took an Amazing Yoga Level 1 class (100 hours) in April/May 2018. This is the same company that certified Laurie Thompson, a previous SLS instructor. Suzanne has signed up for an Amazing Yoga Level 2 class (second 100 hours) in February/March 2019. She has also taken a one-day YogaFit for Seniors class and is interested in pursuing training in Oncology Yoga.

Suzanne is excited to be a regular instructor at SLS Fitness on Saturday mornings and can also be found substitute teaching other classes throughout the week. She loves sharing her love of yoga with other yogis



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