Sarah Stone

Yoga Instructor


Sarah had a mixed relationship with yoga. From the first few times she stepped on the mat, there was a struggle to calm her mind and focus her energy. She would muscle her way into postures, consequently holding her breath, cursing down dog and any posture held for more than a few seconds. Coming from intense, high energy, exercise like mountain biking and snowboarding, yoga felt like more work than relaxation. Although Sarah struggled with this and at times even hated yoga, she kept going. Then, very slowly, she started to choose yoga classes more than once a week. This practice grew on her over 10 years. Sarah finally decided to get certified in Ashtanga through Robin Anderson. This style of yoga was intense and combined her love of movement with flexibility and meditation. Teaching at SLS from the very start, she has continued her education and drive to craft a class “the old Sarah” would be hooked on. Yoga has changed Sarah in such profound ways both physically and emotionally. Sarah hopes everyone will give it a chance… just keep coming, try a few different styles, it only gets better! “You are what you seek.” 



200 hr Yoga

Katie Conley