Saiya Sok

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Saiya lives in Nashua, NH and she recently graduated from Manchester Community College with an AS in Exercise Science. She received the Academic Achievement Award in Exercise Science for excelling in and out of the classroom. During her college career, Saiya played Division III soccer and softball. In her free time, she loves to be outdoors, go kayaking, and play with her cats.

After sustaining a shoulder injury in college that ended her softball season, she struggled with exercise. After being cleared, she worked vigorously through physical therapy and realized not only was her shoulder bothering her but her body started compensating and other injuries started appearing. After years of studying exercise science and kinesiology, she now specializes in corrective exercise techniques as well as functional movement. Saiya believes everyone should be able to move functionally and pain free.

Saiya loves being able to help others, and being in this position in her life and career, she’s decided to continue her education with an end goal of receiving her masters degree. She strives to learn and teach others about the importance of health and wellness.



A.S. Exercise Science


ACE Certified Personal Trainer


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