Alessio Angiolilli

Strength & Conditioning Coach

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Alessio grew up in a large family in Stoneham, MA. From early childhood he was interested in sports, as well as outdoor activities. He was prominently involved in soccer and martial arts until he reached high school. In high school Alessio excelled in football as an offensive tackle, guard, and defensive tackle. He also participated in track and field as a sprinter and shot-putter. Despite his active life, Alessio was a heavy child and was not concerned about his health until one of his high school coaches got him started with a strength training program, which transformed both his body and his view on health and fitness.

During Alessio’s second year at college he found his passion and became a certified personal trainer. His cousin, Nick Zullo, an SLS Trainer, introduced him to Sherri Sarrouf, owner of SLS Fitness. Sherri’s energy encouraged Alessio to take on more education and build a full time career at SLS Fitness. Alessio now creates workshops dedicated to training the SLS Coaches in house. His recent Mike Boyle certifications have inspired him to share his knowledge with the SLS Coaches and community. He hopes to one day take on the role of program director at SLS Fitness.



UMASS Lowell
BA in Psychology


American Academy of Personal Training

FMS Certified

Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)


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