65+ Years Fitness Program

SLS Fitness 65+ Years Old Program

SLS launched a new pilot program in 2015 with several participants ranging in ages from 67-90 with various health challenges.  The classes focused on strength, balance and agility.  The participants were amazed by their physical improvements, how great they felt and how much they enjoyed socializing with each other! 

Fast Forward to the present, and we have 30+ dedicated members who are feeling and moving better!

Age is just a number and even if there are some physical limitations, there are other parts of the body that can be used to keep active.

The program is run by SLS coaches and physical therapists. SLS offers 65+ classes Monday-Thursday @ 11am (1 hour).  Exercises range from simple stretches and light weights to TRX and fun circuits.  Modifications to exercises are always offered to accommodate all ability levels.