Fitness for Parkinson’s

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Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s!

Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s!

Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson's

It is estimated, that the number of people with Parkinson’s Disease in the Unites States is 1-1.5 million. The Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) method focuses on maximizing the mental, emotional and physical potential of people with Parkinson’s Disease. The program looks to enhance their quality of life and ability to enjoy and perform activities of daily living.

Parkinson’s Disease causes a loss of function within the motor systems of our bodies. This can cause movements to be smaller, slower, less accurate and coordinated. It can also cause a shuffling gait pattern and often, a resting tremor. These elements of loss are what boxers condition to improve. Boxing conditions individuals for optimal agility, speed, endurance, accuracy, balance, coordination and overall strength. Focused research has shown that forced, intense exercise can improve Parkinson’s symptoms, thus the Rock Steady Method was born.

RSB was founded in Indianapolis Indiana in 2006. It is an intensive and rigorous regimen exercise lasting one hour that is circuit based and includes: heavy bag drills, focus mitts, balance, gait, agility, endurance, speed bag drills, double-end bag drills and much more.

Rock Steady Boxing uses the fundamentals of boxing training, in addition to Parkinson’s specific exercises, to “Fight Back” against Parkinson’s Disease.

Individuals in all stages of Parkinson’s benefit from the Rock Steady approach and are invited to participate.

First Step’s

All participants are welcome to come in and observe a class!

A 30-minute assessment is performed for each boxer prior to their first class to identify what level they fall into.

For those boxer’s with advanced stages of the disease, a care-partner or "corner man" will work hand-in-hand with trainers during the workout and must accompany the fighter to the assessment.

Classes are held on Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings and are taught by Physical Therapist’s Melissa Campbell, Courtney Cashman, and Becky Glass.

  • Monday 10:00am Mobility for Parkinson’s (60 min)

  • Friday 9:45am Intro to Tai Chi (30 min)

  • Friday 10:15am Parkinson’s Circuit (60 min)

  • Saturday 10:00am Parkinson’s Rocksteady Boxing (60 min)


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