Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu

What is Jiu Jitsu
Jiu Jitsu stands for soft gentle control and Shawn’s Jiu jitsu class is basically high intensity interval training. Most classes begin with a wrestling-type warm up – jogging, push ups, stretching and full body movements. These classes can be a one of the most hardcore workouts.
After learning some new techniques and drilling them with a partner, you typically spend 30- 40 minutes “rolling” (this means sparring) with various partners.

Here is where jiu-jitsu is different from other martial arts:
You can spar at full intensity. Since there is no striking (punches and kicks), and the goal is to get your opponent to tap out via choke or joint lock, you can go all out without getting hurt or hurting someone else.

What does this mean?
It means you get 4-10 rounds of maximum exertion separated by 30 second rests. And because you want to win, you tend to push yourself that much further.

You’re Learning Something New
You will walk away with new and useful life safety skills.
With an extremely practical martial art like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, you are learning how to defend yourself in a fight. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use what you learn outside of practice and class, but it’s good to know that you could if you had to.

I had a member share that recently, they had a random stranger try to get in their car while stopped at a red light. Luckily, she locked the door at the last second, so all was ok. But if he did get in, she knew exactly what she would have done because of the self defense classes at SLS and she shared she felt confidant because Shawn’s classes.

We love that It’s Primal
This is more abstract than the first two points, but ask any fighter – there’s something about facing off against another man in unarmed combat that is so human, so manly, so natural.
There are no excuses on the mat. It’s you trying to impose your will on the other guy. There’s no ambiguity. If you lose in training, you’ll be forced to tap out. If you lose on the street, you could be seriously hurt. This isn’t kickball. It’s a different kind of competition than team sports, academics, etc.
Men and women have lost touch with this primal urge to fight, to prove themselves. Once you start training in submission wrestling, I guarantee your confidence and energy will increase. You will also become a more calm person and not get rattled as easily. Shawn shared most of the fighters he knows avoid real-life confrontations at all costs. They have nothing to prove because they know what kind of damage they could do if they had do.