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SLS Fitness offers a Holistic approach to Employee Health and Fitness.  We want to be the fitness experts and motivational coaches for each of our corporate partners.  Since holistic fitness and nutrition is our expertise, and has been since we opened our doors in 2009, we will personally come to your business to offer seminars, and fitness programming.

After years of hosting “Lunch & Learn” fitness seminars for over 40 companies, Owner Sherri Sarrouf, noticed the cry for help from employees who needed coaching.  Everyone needs a coach! SLS Fitness started this program in response to low employee fitness engagement, morale, productivity and retention.

There’s a collective awakening happening in corporate America, and it’s being driven by the growing awareness of these main topics: the devastating and far-reaching health impacts of workplace stress, obesity from inactivity, long days sitting and the high financial cost to companies as a result.

Why Work With SLS Fitness

There is no ‘one-size-fits all’ approach when it comes to corporate fitness and wellness and we do not believe in boring ‘run-of-the-mill’ generic programming.  We all know most company fitness centers have low usage and therefore unless utilized and managed properly is a waste of money, time and space. SLS offers programming for all corporate demographics.   We come in and survey employees and work to learn the culture of the company. What the company needs are specifically and then implement education sessions and programming. Together we customize a program that gets the data-driven results you need for your organization to succeed.

Depending on your company’s needs, there are many ways of working with SLS corporate programs.

  • Series of Workplace Fitness, Nutrition & Fat Loss Seminars (listed below)

  • Programming: Classes at your Facility: meditation, yoga, strength training, walking programs, back core class, metabolic effect, and more!

  • Companies that partner get SLS discounts to our facilities with waived enrollment fees

Current Corporate Partners!


SLS Seminars:


How to Manage Workplace Stress:  


SLS gives simple tips to add to your workday that will relieve stress and help Productivity. SLS will provide education on how to create a work environment with less tension and raging Cortisol levels, including exercises and mind body tips for lowered stress.


Small Steps, Big Changes:  

How to make lifestyle changes stick, common misconceptions, and how the media can be confusing when it comes to diet and fitness. We teach the difference between fat loss and weight loss and how to focus on fat loss. We educate on how to train smarter, not longer, and we will cut through all of the hype and media confusion. Your employees will learn quick and effective tips for your exercise and diet needs.


We Have Your Back:  

Spine health: Combat spine, posture, neck and back issues from sitting.  SLS Physical therapist shows exercise you can do at your chair or car for preventative back pain.  Learn how to change your sitting posture


Healthy Nutrition for the busy person on the go:  

How to food prep for your work week, quick and easy healthy exciting recipe ideas, a lot of quick healthy snack ideas.


Healthy Lunch Food tasting:  

SLS will bring organic, gluten free, snacks for employees to sample.


Pelvic Floor Seminar:

Sitting all day can cause pelvic floor dysfunction.  Learn easy to do exercises to help with urinary issues and prevent pelvic, hip and back issues.


Lunch and Learn Testimonials:


“I really appreciated the way Sherri spoke to us. As someone who is overweight, it felt good to not be talked down to. I always feel that way at my doctors! She also made me feel that I could take small steps to change, one less soda a day, a leisurely walk after work, things I can actually incorporate in my life today”

” That was awesome, and the first time I have heard anyone talk about hormones, stress, and the relation to weight”  Nice to have someone cut through the garbage you read online and see on TV”

“That was one of the most motivational and fun talks I have heard on nutrition and exercise. I was ready to be bored by a seminar and instead had fun and learned lots of new things”

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your LGH “Small Steps” seminar on fat loss. It was a very engaging session and I was impressed with your presentation. I have been a fitness guru for a couple of years and received my nutrition and wellness certification not too long ago, and I still learned a lot. I had no idea how much hormones played a role in fat loss. I am one of those “stressed-out” people and this is probably why I have reached a plateau in my own personal fitness goals. I plan to up my daily leisurely steps to 12,000 even though you recommend 10,000. I have an overweight dog, and longer walks should help him out too! I also want to begin weekly yoga sessions to help me calm down and therefore lower my cortisol fat making levels. I always thought that boxing classes or interval classes helped me to “release my stress” but I learned from you that it was probably adding stress to my body, hindering my fat loss!  My fitness goals are to have a metabolic age of 30 which will be half my age on October 31 of this year. I know that using the small steps I learned at your seminar will help me accomplish this! Thanks so much!!”

“Thank you so much Sherri for coming to Watermark on Wednesday to speak, it was a huge success! Everyone commented on how much they loved your energy and passion for health and wellness. We all loved that you did not overload us with so much information that we had no idea where to start after it was over; instead we all felt like we could take your advice and begin to incorporate it into our normal routines.

Also, you created a buzz around the office and really got everyone talking and sharing what they learned with other employees that could not attend. A few of our employees that admitted they do not take their health seriously, said they were motivated to get moving and get their health on the right track.”

Companies We Have Visited:

  • Alpha Image

  • Boyle’s Transportation

  • Burlington Town Employees

  • Cabot Risk

  • Community Teamwork

  • Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc

  • Enterprise Bank

  • Greek Church

  • Groton Dunstable High School

  • Lahey Clinic Peabody

  • Lowell General Hospital

  • Lowell Five

  • Lowell High School


  • Maugel Associates

  • Red Hat Software

  • MLS, Shrewsbury

  • Teleflex

  • TraceLink

  • Watermark

  • Winchester Town Employees

  • Woburn Rivals Baseball

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